Hard Daze Night is an outrageously fresh club night in Club 8. It was lifted by two legal aliens in exile in Amsterdam Gary Shepherd. (DJ Alec Smart) from UK and Maxim Chapochnikov (DJ Goldfinger) from Russia, both djs and music fanatics.  For the love of music they joined forces at indie label KidNap Records and scored a few hits picked up by the likes of 2 Many DJs and Stéphane Pompougnac (Hôtel Costes). Goldfinger is a man behind salonUSSR and Moskow Diskow, who sucks on his roots and loves groovy music from around the world. Alec Smart does irresistibly catchy remixes under the name Streamer as a part of StreamerPilot team, makes music for movies and theatre, but most of all exercises his excellent skills on the dance floor as a CDJ wizard.

Hard Daze Night stands for the sound of now. That is fresh and spicy, furious and ecstatic, beautiful and indecent, groovy and spanking. Think wobbly electro, baile funk, Baltimore, UK funky, dubstep, gypsy electro, tropical tech and hip swing.

For the Doggy Style edition of Hard Daze Night on May 7 those dressed in a dog fashion get a free entrance.

You can also play pool and ping-pong all night long.
Start 23:00 finish 4:00

Damage 6 euro

Get an idea about the music of HARD DAZE NIGHT here:
Free download!



CCCP in Space

Friday 23 April

Smart Project Space, Arie Biemondstraat 111, Amsterdam

Open from 21:00, entrance 7,50 euro

SPSound, Videoinferno & Moskow Diskow present a special screening of rare archival material, Cold War Space Race newsreels and propaganda films from the USSR national archives, with a live soundtrack performed by OMFO and an after party with Moskow Diskow inter-galactic-neo-romantic dj’s DiskoMachina & Goldfinger in the cafe of SSP.
12 апреля - День космонавтики
Россия отмечает День космонавтики - 12 апреля 1961 года, был начат отсчет космической эры человечества - на корабле "Восток" стартовал первопроходец Вселенной Юрий Гагарин. Первому космонавту планеты было присвоено звание Героя Советского Союза, а день его полета стал национальным праздником - Днем космонавтики, начиная с 12 апреля 1962 года



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Window to Europe presents

Moskow Diskow supports


Fly me to the East

Friday, February 5, 2010, 21:00-03:00

Live Gogi Dzodzuashvili (GE). Visuals by Marika Asatiani (GE)

Caucasian electronic ballads
Live OMFO (UKR/ NL) (essay recordings)

Dub meets Belly Dance
Primitive Equations DJs

Groovy field recordings from around the planet
OT301, Overtoom 301, Amsterdam
Entrée: 8 euro
Gogi Dzodzuashvili  alias Post Industrial Boys
Georgian poet/ composer Gogi Dzodzuashvili alias Post Industrial Boys creates subtle futuristic electronic ballads both swinging and meditative, along with live acoustic guitar. It's a mix of easy listening tunes and melodious spoken word vocals, revealing unique Georgian melancholy under the surface of the playful lightness.
In the last 12 years Gogi released 6 albums with various vocalists and wrote music for theater and film.
Marika Asatiani is at the moment a resident artist at Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam. She will do a visual accompaniment to Gogi's musical performance.

“100% proof oddness from German Popov aka OMFO aka Our Man From Odessa. OMFO has been exploring the under-reported world of Central Asian musics since the beginning of the decade, achieving some fame with the inclusion of two tracks from his 2004 'Trans Balkan Express' LP on the Sascha Baron Cohen film, 'Borat'. For his thrird album 'Omnipresence' OMFO has tripped back to the steppes of his original homelands to record everything from traditional folk melodies to the restaurant bands of Tashkent and their tinny keyboards. If, like us you're infatuated with the Sublime Frequncies Radio series you'll get an exotic kick out of this”. (The Telegraph)
The OMFO band includes German Popov (eletronics, flutes, vocals), Faiz Guzainov (violin, keyboards), Bakhtiyar Eybaliyev (percs, vocals), Dmytro Beloyartsev (buzuk, rabab), Gogi Dzodzuashvili (bass), Dejan Zaric (percussion).  
Visuals by OMFO

Primitive Equations DJs
Primitive Equations is a team, researching the cultural archetypes by using ethnographical and anthropological data in a multi-medial performance. 

Both members of Primitive Equations Maxim Chapochnikov (Orphologist) and German Popov (OMFO) are collecting and making field recordings from various sources: radio, tv, dusty records from the Golden Age of ethnographic research, their own field recordings and findings in Siberia and Central Asia, but also field recordings as an artistic genre. 
At the Flying Carpet they introduce a dj set of groovy field recordings. Authentic tribal music, hilarious Bollywood disco, Turkish rock’n’roll, savage dance music, Polynesian nose flutes and war chants.




Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Here we are again with the celebration of the
Old Russian New Year 2010!

Come and celebrate with

your favourite Power Disco djs
Goldfinger & DiskoMachina

The legendary Alec Kopyt of Amsterdam Klezmer Band

The wild maidens of the Russian choir Soroki

Lady Marynka Nicolai-Krylova with Russian romance

Bourlesque Queen Pepper Minsky

Dress your Best!
Start 21:00
Club Up
Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 26-1, Leidseplein area, Amsterdam
Entrance 10 euro, including a vodka shot for the early merry-makers



First we take De Melkweg. Than we take Hermitage.

Moskow Diskow double bill at

Wende Festival and Museum Nacht on 7 November

STEP 1 (19:00-23:00)

Click here for the full program in De Melkweg

STEP 2 (23:00-02:00)

Click here for the full program in the Hermitage

Moskow Diskow DJs:




Vrijdagavond 19 Juni in Van Gogh Museum

Ninca Leece and DJ Goldfinger

Op vrijdagavond is het Van Gogh Museum weer tot 22 uur geopend en is er altijd iets bijzonders te beleven. Loungefauteuils, videoprojecties, live-muziek, dj’s en een bar toveren de centrale hal van het museum iedere vrijdagavond om in een ontspannen ontmoetingsplek.

Van Gogh Museum, Paulus Potterstraat 7
Tickets en info click

Ninca Leece

Carrying around her carnival made of fresh electronica filled with glitch, colors and rubies to make people dance fresh and sexy electronica.
Visceral, funky and explosive, oscillating between deep emotion and light-hearted humour, both musically and lyrically.

Start 20:00


>Ninca Leece

>Ninca Leece My Space

DJ Goldfinger

DJ Goldfinger (Maxim Shaposhnikov, 1963) was born in Russia in the Urals and lives since late 1980’s in Amsterdam.
Apart from being a club dj with SalonUSSR and Moskow Diskow, he makes soundtracks for films, (art) performances and (sound) happenings, and produces music. Under the moniker Captain Cook he has years of experience in creative radiomaking at Radio100 in Amsterdam.

Runs a label of adventurous music called KidNap Records.
“Music to watch the paintings by” is how Goldfinger calls his sets at the Van Gogh museum. Every set is finely tuned to current moods of the city and the theme of temporary exhibits. Think classical, soul, film music, instrumental funk, jazz, world, electronica, sound collages and experimentations mixed by Goldfinger for interaction with the visitor’s impressions of art. Relax and reflect.


Start 18:30


Friday, 17 April, OT301, Overtoom 301, Amsterdam

the liberating and loud


ghetto blasters
electro bump
thunder tunes
hi- voltage shockers

big bangers

sub woofers

bounce hall
cancan rave

hype house

baile crunk

After 22:00 pay 6 euro, work like a dog.

click here for .pdf of the flyer>front/back




followed by Hard Daze Night #3

Saturday March 14, 2009

@ OT301, Overtoom 301, Amsterdam.

All the way from SpBurg in the deepest Siberia, now as a 4-piece formation fully loaded with

dozens of brand new acid surf tunes from their upcoming album.

Led by acid surf wizard Oleg Gitarkin Messer Chups will present their newest disc "Heretic Channel". The album is loaded with incredibly strange sounds of church organ, theremin, singing saw, scary vocals, and natural screams. In their music MESSER CHUPS combine surf, bizzare film samples and sounds from the 50's and 60's B-movies. The show is completed with scenes from trash cult movies of the middle of the last century - Betty Page, Bela Lugosi, zombies, Russ Meyer's and Ed Wood's creations all mixed in videocollages of the master Gitarkin.

Download here a .pdf file with the detailed information about MESSER CHUPS

Show starts at 21:00, doors open 20:30, entrance 8 euro


Followed at 23:00 by the liberating and loud


with dj's Goldfinger and Alec Smart

Turbo tunes, shake & bass, gutter greats, bouncehouse, monster hits, Nu b-Rave, speed garbage, ruff’n’roll, shakecore, pussydisco, electrotwist and more.

After 23:00 pay 6 euro, work like a dog.



8 March International Women's Day Festival in Paradiso, Amsterdam


Moskow Diskow will provide THE WOMB LOUNGE in the basement of Paradiso.


We start off at 21:00 and continue as festival's afterparty from 23:00 till we drop.

Womanizers of the world unite!

Check complete program at festival website:




The liberating and loud


Friday February 20, 22:00
OT301, Overtoom 301, Amsterdam
Dj Alec Smart vs Dj Goldfinger
Start at 22:00. Pay 6 euro. Work like a dog.

Electro rave, kitsch disco, wearhouse, jacked beats, girls noise, wobble bass, sweatswing,  
enormous tunes, favela funk, basement bangers, basspunk, hard-on erectro


Saturday, January 17, from 24:00 till 05:00 at

RATED X Film Festival in Kriterion, Roetersstraat 170, Amsterdam

DJ Goldfinger and DiscoMachina full-on hard-on!

Click on the picture to download pdf flyer

Official site of the festival:



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