Moskow Diskow is an Amsterdam based project led by Maxim Chapochnikov (DJ Goldfinger) and Dima Solomkine (DJ DiskoMachina). After coming from Russia to Holland in late 80s, they developed various high-end club concepts, such as SalonUSSR, Molotov Cocktail Lounge (Goldfinger) and Acid Disco, Me Gusta (DiskoMachina). These events were held at all good locations of Amsterdam and elsewhere (Paradiso, Panama, Club11, De Kring, Club NL, De Balie, Winston, Café Pakhuiswilhelmina, Flexbar, Studio 80 etc).

MD started on the legendary German art ship Stubnitz in September 2005, when it was anchored in Amsterdam harbour. After that MD made its way to Sugar Factory. Sugar Factory is a relatively new hot spot in Amsterdam, a night theater and a club, which successfully puts together hip and creative programs. Moskow Diskow happens once in 2 months and with this frequency each event becomes a night to remember. Moskow Diskow gained a cult status in Amsterdam club scene, which is known as difficult to surprise. The crowd of MD fully reflects a multicultural character of Amsterdam's club/ art scene and creative businesses. True to its manifest MD puts together high quality international programs. So was the event with the Russian sampladelica guru Oleg Kostrow (Supersonic Future) and a fabulous performance of the Andrey Bartenev's model Sasha Frolova. The night subtitled 'Mon Amour Tokyo' presented a number of Japanese artists form Tokyo, Berlin and Amsterdam. Spanish trio Dirty Princess shocked the Amsterdam “we’ve seen it all” public by their explicit sex-punk show at Rasputin Night of Moskow Diskow. Dress codes and spectacular settings of an outstanding Moldavian multi-media artist Lucia Macari guarantee unique and colorful atmosphere.





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